All you need to know about Bitcoins

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What is a Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency. It is one of the first digital currencies to use peer-to-peer (P2P) technology to facilitate instant payments. It is a user as well as a tech friendly digital currency and thus public can access it easily. Nobody owns or controls Bitcoin. It encompasses exciting uses with its different features that could not be covered by previously designed payment systems. To know more about the different features available, go ahead and read our upcoming blog!

What is a Cryptocurrency?

A Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security. It is not issued by any central authority which is why it is immune to government interference or manipulation.

What are Bitcoins used for?

A Bitcoin is similar to paper money but all the transactions are carried online in this mode of payment. It can be used for making payments for anything ranging from investments, international transfers to making purchases.

How do Bitcoins work?

Bitcoins are traded easily with the help of transfers between the sender and receiver through wallets. A wallet is a small personal database that can be stored on your computer drive, smartphone, tablet or somewhere in the cloud through which one can buy and sell BTC.

Who Makes Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are made and circulated through a self governing process of ‘mining’. It is referred to as self governing because only 21 million total BTC will be allowed to exist ever, out of which almost 11 million BTC have been mined already and are in current circulation.

How are Bitcoins regulated?

Bitcoin is a decentralized form of crytocurrency. There is no central authority that regulates its circulation as the currency itself is self contained.

What is the worth of Bitcoin?

It has been predicted that by the year 2140, Bitcoin will stop being created as the total number will reach 21 billion coins beyond which they cannot me mined.

What we do?

Flit IT Services Pvt. Ltd. is a start-up dealing in bitcoins, providing user friendly services through our apps available on play store and app store. We help you in buying and selling of bitcoins though the two primary ways which are buying on an exchange and accepting them for goods and services. Our core values are transparency, reliability, integrity and passion.