Is It Safe to Invest in Bitcoin in 2020?

is Bitcoin Safe in India

Apparently, everyone knows what a Bitcoin is and it’s the importance and so on. But the main question that comes up on everyone’s mind is if it is really safe to invest in Bitcoin? Well, there are both no and yes to that question. It can be safe and as well as risky to invest in this advanced cryptocurrency. Many are skeptical to use because it is a new idea and not everyone is clear if this can actually bring good or bad for the economy as well as for the individual also.

Negative Aspect
Before even thinking about Bitcoin and investing in it, it is very important to know about the topic, that is, about Bitcoin very well. Bitcoin is a very risky investment. It might be seen in a simple way since everything is online. But that is where everyone is totally wrong. Since is online and technology involved, it includes a lot of complications as well too.

A transaction through Bitcoin can take up to a maximum of 5 days to complete, this can delay many procedures as well. Also, it has a track of the user’s spend and using history and so on. The amount of Bitcoin spend could be tracked easily, which is invading into privacy. This does not give a sense of privacy to the user.

Positive Aspect (Why Should a Person Invest in Bitcoin?)
Well looking into the brighter side, there is a positive side to Bitcoin. It is a risk involved investment, but it is as well a fast-moving investment too. Through Bitcoin, transactions can be made easily, that is, distance does not matter at all. The transactions could be done from anywhere to anyone, across any parts of the world. There is no kind of restrictions from the Bank regarding payment or any block to it.

Also, Bitcoin helps in freeing from the clutches of the government. The authority has a lot of power and control over the money and so on. But with Bitcoin, there will be enough freedom for the flow of transactions and so on. Even the internet platform made a way for the Bitcoin to be a huge pavement for the economy and for an individual too. He/she can easily start and put action into a Bitcoin and so on.

How to keep Bitcoin secure?
First and for most, encrypt them, then many safety and security issues could be solved. Also, have an offline wallet for saving, keep a small amount for every day, have double or different signatures to be safe against missing or theft. Then the important one always updates the software and make sure it is up to date without any virus or any other problems.

To sum it all up, it is both safe as well as unsafe to invest in Bitcoin. This technological investment can bring problems. But then again it can serve as help also. Mainly a person can actually need to know and learn clearly about a Bitcoin and all about it before starting an investment in it. Then many problems could be avoided. Otherwise, there would a lot of problems arising due to this fact also. Also make sure to keep the wallet in safe locker all the time. The transactions and everything might be online, but it takes only a few seconds for everything to misplaced or to be gone missing. So keep everything encrypted and safe. You can use Flitpay wallet to keep your Bitcoins safe.

Bitcoin is actually both good and bad for investment. If it is looked up carefully, then there would not be any big problem. But then there is negativity to it also. So if it is not handled with care, it can bring a disaster too.