How to open a Crypto Trading Account in India

crypto trading acoount in india

Well, before moving forward to the Crypto account opening process. Let’s have a brief on what cryptocurrency is and how does it work and what are its advantages?

Though going to the past introduction and recognition of cryptocurrency was not that easy task it has gone through many ups and downs.

­Though in 2020 this journey got to a good phase after the supreme court legalized all the exchange process under cryptocurrency trading in India.

To know the journey of cryptocurrency in India do read this blog:

Get back to the topic so, what is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is an onlineexchange of goods and services which is known as Cryptography. How does this online exchange system work? Cryptocurrency works on a common database named DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology). Transactionsare here known as a block that makes a Blockchain consists of the list of transactions.
Trading account through flitpay
Let’s have a brief on how to open Crypto Trading Account in India through flitpay.
Flitpay is an Indian cryptocurrency trading website which deals in many crypto assets with secure transactions. You can successfully open your trading account with ease.
Opening crypto trading account
Please visit Flitpay’s website start with the process.

  • Click the SIGN-UP to get your registration done.
  • After sign-up, a new page will appear states to ask for your details. Enter all the details correctly by checking twice following the given instructions. And also provide the referred code along with other details.
  • Give the password as strong as possible it will secure your account. Follow these instructions will help to make your password strong. Put a password with a combination of at least one 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 number and it should be a total of 8 characters.
  • After completion of all required details Click on SIGN-UP to create an account.
  • You will receive a one-time password (OTP) via SMS or email on the provided Phone number or Email address. Fill the OTP.
  • Before getting into the trading world you will need to have a KYC verification to link your bank account with your respective flitpay crypto wallet.
  • For KYC verification you need to submit some identification proof i.e. PAN Card, Address Proof, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter ID Card, Passport (only for users living outside India)
  • After KYC you need to verify your bank account to connect it to the flitpay. Put these required details Account name, IFSC Code, and Bank Account number. After this, you will receive a confirmation email and verification code from your Bank.
  • Now, your account is ready to trade. Trade on various cryptocurrencies with 00flitpay. Happy Trading!

Your flitpay account also offers four other segments briefing about many things related to your trading.

  • Profile

You will find all your entered details here. And if any detail is left out please fill it. It will also ask for some personal details such as your name, country, email address, phone number, and birth date. Other details needed are your residential address, PAN details, selfie details, and residential address proof.
Your updated profile will help you in many ways afterward while trading. This will act as a storehouse for all your information.

  • Security

The security log will provide two options to secure your account. First is Two-factor Authenticator which will secure your account more from any cyber theft. The second option is Logout of the device this will logout every time your account so that no other than you can access your account as it is secured through the password.

  • Activity Log

The activity log includes all the details regarding your account. This has information right from the account creation to all the trades that you have done to the time. It includes Date of login, Events, Device, Browser, Operating System, and the IP address. Here, you can report if you find any issues with your account.

  • Support

The support option will help you in any sought of problem regarding your account. This includes Registration and Account management, referral Program, and security.  Support will help you to trade more efficiently providing you various guidelines.
This support log also gives you an option of a referral program, through this, you can refer flitpay to anyone and can earn 50% commission on his every trade.
You can keep a count of referrals and their benefits here as well.

  • Charts: This is one of the best features provided by flitpay. Charts will show you all the market fluctuations and your crypto prices every second. This will also show your trade history and exchanges with all the information on exchange prices and traders.

Things keep in mind while opening a crypto trading account

  • While opening an account please provide correct information and check the provided one twice.
  • Link the bank account which will be easy for you to deal with and is permanent.
  • Enter the password as strong as possible.
  • As you will get OTP whenever you will login so provides Phone Numbers e-mail that is most suitable to you.
  • Try to logout every time to keep your account more secure.

Why flitpay?

    • Flitpay has a very different idea for its every customer. The referral program will provide a 50% commission on each trade of referral. This way every trader can earn a good amount.

        • Flitpay charges a very low commission from its traders.
        • Demo crypto trading account: All the trading accounts can get access to the demo crypto account with demo currencies to deal with. This demo crypto account is made to provide experience in dealing with real currencies in the real market fluctuations.  This is one of the most unique features that flitpay offers. Though, it is yet not available in any other crypto platform.
        • Systematic Investment Plan:  Flitpay ensures a systematic investment plan which will drive to have a good trading experience.
        • Margin Trading: Margin Trading directs towards the extra leverage trading platform. This multiplies your amount by 10x.