How to Buy Bitcoin in India?

Process to buy bitcoin in India

Bitcoin is a new generation digital currency that works on a decentralized form. Due to the long term of tax-paying and fiat money causing a lot of transition cost Bitcoin soon became a source for people to do easy business. This form of digital transaction was created in 2009 when the housing market crashed.

The whole system works on a digital platform for trading a person who needs a high level of security. FlitPay is the most secure and safest platform to do Bitcoin exchange in India. All kinds of cryptocurrency are known for their extreme security but there are many dealers who fake these transactions. Transaction made on FlitPay can never be faked or reversed.

FlitPay takes the minimum charge and makes it the safest platform to trade in one of the biggest markets. You can purchase Bitcoin directly just by linking to your account. Your transactions are safe and secure to go on and make some money without hesitation.
Here are steps for registration

How can I register on FlitPay?
Please visit FlitPay’s official website click the sign-up button to get yourself registered.

Flitpay Signup

On clicking on sign-up, a new page will appear on your screen. Insert all the details required under given instruction. Also, it is very important to put referred code (only if you have one).

Remember to keep your password strong and put it in a combination of at least one 1uppercase, 1 lowercase, 1 number and it should be a total of 8 characters.
After filling all the required data click on Sign-up to create an account. You will then receive a one time password or SMS on the email address or Phone Number you have given. Fill in the OTP and get your account registered.

You can get into the world of Trading.

How can I login to my FlitPay account?
Please visit FlitPay’s official website and click on the sign in button on the top right next to sign up.


A page will occur on screen, fill all the requirements. You will receive an OTP on your given Email address and phone number. Fill in your OTP and get Log In.

Note: You will receive an OTP every time you will log in and login can be done from any device of your wish.

KYC/Bank Account Verification

You cannot trade in FlitPay without getting your bank and KYC verification. There are certain limitations without trading with bank verification.

In trading, with Indian Rupee one can only trade up to 5,000 only. But to do that you need to get all the information verified.

Things require for Identification Proof:

PAN Card (Mandatory)
Address Proof (Mandatory)
Aadhar Card
Driving License
Voter ID Card
Passport (only for users living outside India)
Bank Verification

For verifying you need to get details of your bank connected with FlitPay by putting details required. Which is your name, IFSC Code, and Bank Account number? You will receive a confirmation email and verification code from your Bank.

You will receive an amount of Rs. 2 from FlitPay to confirm the bank account.
You will get four segments including Profile, Security, Activity log, and Support

Your Profile
After getting all the details verified a new page will pop up with necessary details. It includes Your name, country, email address, phone number, and birth date. If any of your details are left out you can fill them here.
Below it will show your residential address, PAN details, selfie details, and residential address proof.

The insecurity you will find two options one is Two-factor Authenticator, by applying this option you can get your account more secure.
Another option is to Logout of the device. It will be good if you get your account log out every time you’re done with trading and log in whenever you want to trade.

Activity Log
It includes all the details with your access to your account. It is a way of keeping your account safe. It includes Date of login, Events, Device, Browser, Operating System, and finally the IP address. This makes it more secure and you can always report to the time you haven’t logged in.

The support option is to help you to deal with your account. It includes Registration and Account management, referral Program, and security. You can find answers to all your questions and will help you to make better trade in Flitpay.
In the referral program, you can always refer to Flitpay and can earn Cryptos and can get a 50% commission every time your friend trades.
You can see the total number of referrals given to friends and the total number of commissions earned.

The best part of FlitPay is you can get all the details about buying Bitcoin. There is a chart available with all fluctuations in the market on a minute basis. It shows all your orders and trade history. With all details about the minimum investment amount and selling price.

To sum up, investing in Bitcoins has an edge. If you are ready to take risks then analyze, read more, and then take a decision to invest in them or not. Always start with a small amount of play money to test it, even before you make huge investments.

After RBI’s reluctance to recognize the cryptocurrency, the interest of local people waned. The boost in the interest of people was seen after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetization move. This made 25 percent of the surge in revenue for Bitcoin in India.