Your Guide to creating a Flitpay Bitcoin Wallet Account

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Your Guide to creating a Flitpay Bitcoin Wallet Account

Flitpay is a bitcoin marketplace in India where one can buy and sell Bitcoin using Flitpay Bitcoin Wallet App. Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency is likely to change the way in which people transact.

Such bitcoin exchanges enable you to carry out transactions without the need of a financial institution. Thus, bitcoin is a more flexible and convenient medium through which transactions can be carried out.

Flitpay allows you to purchase bitcoin through your account in exchange of money. One can make payments or transfers using these purchased bitcoin. There is no limit on the amount that can be transferred as prevalent in the current banking system. Flitpay Bitcoin Exchange does not charge any transaction fee in the process as well.

Let’s have a look at how one can create an account with the Flitpay Bitcoin Wallet App.
Firstly you need to download the Flitpay bitcoin wallet app from the Google play stores.

After downloading the Flitpay app, you have to sign up by entering the required details such as your name, mobile number, Email Id etc. Your bitcoin account gets registered after successfully signing up.

You must verify your identity details by submitting your Bank account details, PAN Card details, as they are the essentials for using the Flitpay app. Once verified, you can access the app to start transacting.

You will be provided with an address and a QR code which will be stored in the app as well. Your true identity is not revealed while transacting in bitcoin as you transact through these encrypted codes assigned to you.

One must deposit some amount in his Flitpay wallet in order to purchase bitcoin. You can deposit a minimum amount of Rs 1000 or receive bitcoin in order to start transacting through Flitpay. Your bitcoin gets transferred directly to your bitcoin account.

Since your account has been verified and you have some bitcoin balance, you can use these to send and receive payments directly to a buyer who accepts bitcoin as well.

You can transact by simply clicking on the buy/sell options available on the bitcoin app.
Thus, after successfully registering yourself with the Flitpay bitcoin wallet app, you can start using the app at ease. Your bitcoin account will ensure transparency as well as help you make payments and transfers conveniently.