FlitPay Bitcoin Users and UASF


There has been a new proposal for User Activated Soft Fork, also referred as UASF, to create a new coin called Bitcoin Cash.

This is to inform that FlitPay will NOT support Bitcoin Cash or its trading. If you wish to access Bitcoin Cash, it is requested that you remove your bitcoins from the FlitPay wallet to a wallet in which you can control the private keys on or before 31st July. Some good options are Bitgo, Copay or Trezor hardware wallet (Please note that FlitPay is not associated and is not responsible for any of these services).

If your bitcoins are with FlitPay, Bitcoin Cash will not be available to you, though you will have access to the Bitcoins in your FlitPay app.

The following steps will be taken as an additional security:

* Sending and receiving of bitcoins will be suspended on 1st August 2017 (from 31st July 2017, 10 pm to 2-3 days, as per the network).
* And so on 1st August, you cannot add bitcoins to your FlitPay app to sell and you cannot withdraw bitcoins from your FlitPay app.
* Following activities should continue without disruption:
1) Rs deposit and withdrawal
2) Buying bitcoins
3) Selling bitcoins only limited to the bitcoin balance you already have before 1st August 2017 till we allow you to receive bitcoins again after 2-3 days as per network.

It is brought to your kind notice that we reserve the right to pause any of these operations without prior notice as per the situation arises.

We wish to assure you that these steps are extreme precautions and we do not expect any untoward incident on 1st August.