Benefits of Flitpay Bitcoin Wallet

Flitpay wallet benefits

Flitpay is a bitcoin marketplace in the country of India where anyone can do the trading that is buying and selling of bitcoins using Flitpay Bitcoin Wallet App. Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency is likely to change the way in which people transact each other.

Such Bitcoin exchanges enable the user to carry out transactions without the need of any type of financial institution. Thus, bitcoin is a much more flexible and convenient medium through which transactions can be carried out easily and effectively.

The flitpay application verifies a user account by linking it to their PAN card that is a permanent account number and generates an invoice in the name of their respective PAN card, which simply makes the app 100% authentic & 100% legal.

Flitpay mainly allows the user to purchase Bitcoin through your account in exchange for money. And the user can make payments or transfers using these purchased Bitcoin. There is no restriction on the nature of limit on the amount that can be transferred as prevalent in the current banking system scenario. Flitpay wallet application does not charge any type of transaction fee in the process as well. Flitpay Bitcoin wallet allows the user to have a Keep on their record of the transactions with Account Statements.

Cashback offer of 10%:

with the help of flitpay btc wallet the user can get cashback of 10% on the wallet while doing any type of payment or transaction. This is applicable to all users with no minimum transaction. The user can also enjoy a 10% cashback on the amount deposited initially to buy Bitcoin.

No transaction charges:

Flitpay bitcoin exchange does not charge any type of transaction charge with no terms and condition as well. This makes it one of the best and used bitcoin wallet.

Buy or sale  Bitcoin :

Flitpay allows the user to buy or sale anything anytime. While using the Flitpay wallet the user can experience Fast Transactions like never before. It is used to buy-sell bitcoin anytime. The user can Sell Bitcoin anytime through Flitpay Bitcoin Wallet India and can get instantly and fastly Indian Rupees.

Most protected and secure wallet:

it is one of the secure bitcoin wallets which is used to do trading and doing a transaction with having the maximum number of good reviews. The user can secure its outgoing transactions with the two step authentication process. There is also a process to lock the outgoing transactions with the help of 4-digit app PIN lock.

Buy Vouchers:

with the help of flitpay bitcoin wallet the user can also voucher and can redeem according to their requirement. The user can purchase vouchers using Flitpay Bitcoin Wallet, save money and simply enjoy shopping!

Simply Pay or recharge:

with the help of flitpay bitcoin wallet the user can recharge their mobile, DTH and data card using your Digital Money Wallet – Flitpay. Can also Pay their mobile postpaid bill and electricity bill using your Digital Money Wallet – Flitpay.