India’s Cryptocurrency Exchange “Flitx” Starts Its Sign Up By 23rd January


India’s Cryptocurrency exchange “Flitx” ( ) is all set to start its sign up by 23rd January. It is the upgraded trading platform of Flitpay, and this has been a long-standing initiative from Ashish Sangai and Akash Bansal. After gaining huge success in Flitpay, the duo set up with another new venture under the name Flitx, which is stated to add 5 major cryptocurrencies in the field of trading business. Some of those five options are bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ripple, Dogecoin, and Litecoin. Moreover, the experienced team is all set to add trading options soon to make this Flitx a huge success story.

About Flitpay:

Introducing Flitpay in May 2017 was the first initiative to add Bitcoin exchange among people. It gained quite some popularity, The success ratio of Flitpay is just outstanding. Within the first 6 months, Flitpay was successful to attract 9,000 users, which can clearly portray its popularity among the lot. Even in the app, it has successfully added 9k app users within that limited time frame. So, you can easily expect the same kind of response with this new idea of Flitx.

which resulted in introducing Flitx, the latest kid on the block. Sign up process starts early, as mentioned earlier. The main aim of such instances is to smoothen out the procedure of selling or buying Bitcoin in India. Just for making the services smooth and easy for the customers, this app is currently available on Android and can well be downloaded from the Play Store. After gaining quite some popularity, the team upgraded its Flitpay into Flitx and added five new cryptocurrencies in the list. In this field, you are about to learn more about the latest updates and news taking place, making the investment rather easier for you.

Each cryptocurrency has its own features included in the list, making it rather a good choice among traders. The main aim of this duo is to introduce Indian people to the world of cryptocurrency trading. So, Flitx is revolutionary platforms for them to enter the realm of virtual coin trading. The platform is set to expand a lot within few more years with more lucrative options allotted for people.